Europaeische Verband der Tabakeinzelhaendler


Der europaeische Verband der Tabakeinzelhaendler ,im Jahr 1970 gegruendet, ist eine Interessengemeinschaft der europaeischen Tabakeinzelhaendler CEDT, die die nationalen Verbaende der Tabakeinzelhaendler zusammenbringt.

Wir sind Teil des Transperenzregisters (n 85326064523-94) in Einhaltung der EEC Bestimmungen EEC 2137/88.

Das Hauptziel der CEDT ist es, die Interessen der 150.000 europaeischen Tabakeinzelhaendler zu vertreten, professionelle Zahlen fuer ihre Staaten und Buerger durch einen sicheren legalen Vertriebskanal zu sichern. Die Authentizitaet und Qualitaet von besonderen Produkten, wie den Tabak, zu bewahren. Wir unterstuetzuen einen nicht jugendfreien und verantwortungsvollen Tabakkonsum , in Beruecksichtigung der nationalen und europaeischen Gesundheitsstandards .

Unsere Aufgabe besteht in einem permanenten Dialog mit Institutionen und den Steakholdern der Branche zu treten , damit unsere kleinen familiengefuehrten Unternehmen innerhalb klar regulierten Rahmenbedingungen arbeiten koennen, gezeichnet durch Ausgewogenheit und Verhaeltnismaessigkeit.

Wir unterstuetzen jede notwendige Initiative, unseren legalen Vertriebskanal gegen den Schmuggel, Faelschungen und illegalen Handel zu verteidigen.

Wir unterstuetzen auch staatlich kontrollierte Vertriebskanaele auf nationaler Ebene.

Wir vertreten die Ansicht , dass Tabakprodukte exklusiv in kontrollierten Kanaelen verkauft werden, gesichtert durch Lizenzen oder Konzessionen.


  • 28/09/2018

    AUSTRIA: The Austrian Tobacco retailers have been allowed to sell coffee to go since 1 September.

    Customers can drink it on the spot or take it out. In Austria, tobacco shops have the right to sell a limited list of products. Although it is common in many countries, the sale of coffee to go in tobacco shops was forbidden in Austria, until now. According to the WKO (The Austrian Association of Tobacco Retailers) the sale of coffee to go will bring more customers into their retail shops. Not only smokers will come but also people who never walk into a tobacco shop. Moreover, the WKO reminds that in many villages, they are the last shops still operating. This additional product will allow Tobacconists to provide customers with a larger range of products.

  • 09/04/2018


    At the end of a long process concluded with the last budget law, electronic cigarettes with and without nicotine can be sold only in tobacco shops and other places expressly authorized. Online sales are prohibited. The tobacconists are automatically authorized and therefore they can sell electronic cigarettes without any specific authorization. For other shops, it is necessary to submit an application to the Customs and Monopoly Agency and wait for the authorization to be issued on the basis of objective and subjective requirements established in a recent directorial decree. Only local shops wishing to treat these products as the main activity, pharmacies and para-pharmacies may apply for such authorization. The authorization is valid for two years and is renewable after the verification of the existence of the requirements.

  • 09/04/2018

    FRANCE: The French government is raising cigarette prices

    In March the price of a packet of cigarettes went up by 1 euro. Now, with cigarette packets as expensive as 8 Euros, smoking represents a significant budget. French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn and French Budget Minister Gérald Darmanin hope that such prices will encourage smokers to quit tobacco and prevent younger adults from smoking. The objective to reduce smoking rates in France seems to be a priority for the government. This is the second price increase in under a year. Other, similar measures are expected in the coming years. The price of a single packet of cigarettes should reach 10 Euros by November 2020.

  • 09/04/2018

    GREECE: E-cigarette ban in public spaces across Greece

    Electronic cigarettes fall under the same restrictions as cigarette smoking, the Council of State plenary ruled on Monday, including a ban on their use in public spaces, transportation and in advertisements. In its ruling, the court rejected a petition by the Association of Greek e-cigarette Businesses to cancel a series of decisions on its restricted use, adding that the group however could seek to recover losses.

  • 09/04/2018

    AUSTRIA: Austria scraps smoking ban in bars and restaurants

    The Austrian parliament voted in late March to drop plans to introduce a smoking ban in bars and restaurants. MPs voted to overturn the planned ban despite public protests and a petition which attracted more than 500,000 signatures. The country allows people to light up in restaurants and bars so long as they sit in a separate area. Bars smaller than 50 square meters (540 square feet) have the right to allow smoking throughout the premise.



Video von der Veranstaltung in Bruessel.





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